Active Termites in Greenslopes

Today I visited a 1950 style house in Greenslopes. The house is built with hardwood weatherboard with hardwood frame and hardwood flooring. I was surprised to find a termite colony active under the floor in the main bedroom wardrobe. These are some… Read More

Koala’s home invaded by termites!

I had to go to the Redland Shire today( in case you don’t know the Redland Shire it incorporates the Cleveland, Wellington Point, Birkdale, Thorneside, Capalaba, Sheldon areas and all the way down to Redland Bay) to a property at Ormiston to… Read More

Wet Weather and Termites

All insects have a exoskeleton. They don’t have bones like we do. It’s like a hard skin. You have probably seen a cicada shell on the side of a tree. Insects shed out of their skin as they grow, and form a… Read More

Termites in Bayside Wynnum

I was in the Brisbane bayside suburb of Wynnum last week. This home owner was concerned about this mark on her wall behind the door. She thought, “it can’t be white ants”, but it was time for her annual Termite Inspection any way.   One of the… Read More

Regular Termite Inspections

Regardless of the system used, regular inspections should be carried out by a QBCC licensed contractor with the appropriate Termite Management licence to ensure termites have not bridged the barrier. It is recommended that inspections be at least every 12 months, or more… Read More

Termite Inspections in Sub-floor Crawl Spaces

Why are termite Inspection so important? Beware of Sub-Floor spaces If you live in a house that has a sub-floor, crawl space under the floor, how often do you check it for termites? Would you be surprised if I told you that… Read More

Termites can be anywhere! How to Spot Termites

Termites Behind the Desk in Murarrie Was called to this clients home at Murarrie in Brisbane the other day. Not hard to see what was going on here.They had moved the desk in their office and discovered, to their horror, that termites… Read More

Spot the Termites!

A New game…  Spot the termites! I finished work a bit early today and I’m driving back to the office on this beautiful, Brisbane spring afternoon. I was over at Forest Lake and spotted a colony of termites in a tree. So… Read More

How do I know if my house is protected against termites?

Different types is housing construction are protected in different ways. Your house should have a Durable Notice, which is usually a sticker inside your electrical meter box or in another conspicuous place.  The Durable Notice is supposed to have:-  the product or… Read More