Termites White Ants

Have you found Termites? (White Ants)

A lot of our clients have found termite activity themselves. Usually they find their windows or door frames are hollowed out, or their skirting board is soft, often only a layer of paint protecting the termites inside.

Do Not Disturb

The first thing to do is not to disturb the termite damage. Our technicians will come as quick as possible and will get a much more successful treatment if the termites are still working undisturbed. If you have already broken the termite workings open, place some tape over the hole or crack until we arrive.

Phone Us

The second thing to do is phone us on 1800 075 300. If after hours, phone our emergency mobile number, 0412 698 664.

Don’t Panic

Okay, the termites are in your house and in some cases they can do considerable damage, but in most cases it’s not that bad. We will be there soon. Don’t panic. We will assess the situation when we arrive and give you all the details.