Termite Inspections

Reasons for having a termite inspection:

1.    Every termite warranty requires as a condition, that the property is inspected for termite activity at least once a year.
The product warranty is where the company that manufactures the product gives the warranty and/or the installers warranty is where the company that does the installation gives the warranty.
For example our company Nature Fresh Termite Management, when using the product “Termidor” for a complete chemical barrier around a house, gives an 8 year warranty.
This warranty is conditional on having an annual inspection.

2.    For early detection & eradication of termites to minimise damage to your home.

3.    Changes to the house or property that may effect the termite barrier and its protection.

4.    To give advice on how to protect and maintain your home against termite attack.


There is a set procedure for inspections & reports and if the Inspector follows procedure there is less likelihood of missing any termite activity. The Visual Termite Inspection – Australian Standard  AS 3660.2 – 2014 and  Timber Pest Inspection- AS 4359.2 which give us set of guidelines to follow.

When purchasing a house the Timber Pest Inspection is used.  Which in addition to the Termite Inspection also covers:- wood borer, timber rot and delignification (chemical rot).

Nature Fresh Termite Management Inspectors have years of experience in looking for any clues of termite activity, sometimes minor clues such as a spot of gritty dirt on a plasterboard wall or a tiny tunnel under a timber floor joist.  Nothing beats experience in knowing where and what to look for. Termites are very good at staying hidden.

Nature Fresh Termite Management  technicians use specialised equipment:-

Infrared Camera this detects temperature fluctuations in the timbers in the wall and transfer it to a image on the camera so we can see it.

‘Termatrac” Movement Sensor sends microwave into the wall to detect termite activity.
Moisture Meter detects the level of moisture present in plasterboard and timber.

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