Wet Weather and Termites

All insects have a exoskeleton. They don’t have bones like we do. It’s like a hard skin. You have probably seen a cicada shell on the side of a tree. Insects shed out of their skin as they grow, and form a new hard skin or shell.

Termites have a exoskeleton too, but it’s not as tough as most other insects. That’s why they need to stay out of the open air, and definitely out of the sun or they dehydrate and die.

Termites will bring dirt and moisture with they when they infest a house. They pack the wall with this dirt and moisture. We call this a nest. House walls are generally very dry and termites need moisture to survive. The number one thing they need is to stay moist.

When the weather is dry, termites have to find a moisture source. When we have wet weather like the last few years, the ground is wet, and termites can go where ever they want. If your house is unprotected, then it’s just a matter of when the termites will find it.

It is very important to have regular inspections, at least once a year, and make sure you get good advice on how to keep your property protected.

Our Infrared Thermal camera can see the dirt and moisture inside the walls. A bit like x-ray vision.

In this photo is an entire wall packed with a termite nest.

This is a dis-used commercial building and we would not expect it to be this bad in an occupied building.

You would not want this in your home even in a small way.