How do I know if my house is protected against termites?

Different types is housing construction are protected in different ways. Your house should have a Durable Notice, which is usually a sticker inside your electrical meter box or in another conspicuous place.  The Durable Notice is supposed to have:-

  •  the product or system used to protect the house,
  •  the life expectancy of that product or system as per the manufactures register label
  • the company’s name and date of Installation.

If you know what chemical or product was used you can research to find more information on it.

Please Note: The life expectancy of the product or system written by the installer on the durable notice is not always correct.  Some companies will put there warranty period instead of the life expectancy. The legislation states “the life expectancy” as per the registered label.

A certificate of Installation or Treatment should be issued by the Pest Management company.  If you don’t have a copy you should be able to obtain a copy form that company, as they are required to keep this on record.

If there is no notice or certificate, the best thing would be to get a reputable Pest Management company to do an inspection on your home.  Make sure they explain the system that is protecting your home, and what you need to do to maintain it.

You must be proactive and involved in your own termite maintenance programme. 

Termites are actively exploring through ground for wood to eat and usually enter your home from the soil. So if your house is built off the ground on piers or stumps then it is physically separated from the soil and this physical barrier is what you need to maintain.

If your house is build down on the ground on a concrete slab it easier for termites to find a concealed entry.  This could be soil or gardens over the weep holes, a crack in the brick work below ground level, joints or cracks in the concrete slab, pipes or electrical conduct that penetrates the slab.  As you can see the house on the ground is more complicated than the house off the ground.

There are physical & chemical barriers.  The physical barriers need to be maintained and inspected sometimes at least weekly and chemical barriers need to be re-installed at some stage depending on the life expectancy.

Having an Inspection on your house annually doesn’t stop the termites from entering, which is why you need to be proactive.

So an Inspection by an experience inspector should be able to find any termite activity, treat the termites and advise on what need to be done to protect your home.

For experienced & licenced Inspectors phone Nature Fresh Termite Management on 1800 075 300.