Spot the Termites!

A New game…  Spot the termites!

I finished work a bit early today and I’m driving back to the office on this beautiful, Brisbane spring afternoon. I was over at Forest Lake and spotted a colony of termites in a tree. So I thought I might play a game as I’m driving along. “Spot The Termites”.

I drove from Forest Lake through Durack and Inala to Acacia Ridge. I must have spotted about 42 termite colonies in trees and on the ground.

I turned south on Beaudesert Road to Algester, Calamvale and Parkinson, there was about 34 more.

I went back to Sunnybank Hills and Sunnybank where there were a bit less. Only about 12.

I spotted all of these colonies from my ute as I’m driving along. Image how many I would have found if I had been walking?

The point is, all of these colonies are in residential areas. Termites will work a hectare around their colony, and there are other types of termites that make their nest under ground or in hollow trees where we can not see them.

That’s a lot of termites!

Termites are everywhere! If you don’t know how your house is protected, then have it professionally inspected and follow the advice of the inspector.
Now we are coming into spring and if we get a little rain, the warm weather and the wet ground is perfect for termites. Be pro-active! Don’t let termites eat your house!

You most know what system was built into your home!!!

The most popular chemical in that time was Chlorpyirfos, and Chlorpyirfos last for 5 to 10 years.

Owners need to know that a chemical barrier must be replenished after 5 years.

You don’t need to know about ever system, just the system protecting your home.

If you don’t know how your home is protected, find out. Get an inspection done follow the advice given by the inspector.

The inspection doesn’t protect the home, The action does.

We use a special Thermal Imaging Camera to see behind the walls and ceiling panels. This gives us an advantage over the little pests!