Termites can be anywhere! How to Spot Termites

Termites Behind the Desk in Murarrie

Was called to this clients home at Murarrie in Brisbane the other day. Not hard to see what was going on here.They had moved the desk in their office and discovered, to their horror, that termites had moved in and set up camp.

This is a modern 2 story brick home built on a concrete slab. Everything about this home is neat and tidy.

No over-grown gardens.

Nothing broken or damaged.

Nothing wrong with the construction.

So how did the termites get in?

Well the termites got in because the home owners did not know what to do to keep them out. In fact they didn’t know they had to do anything. They thought that the house was brick and concrete and termite proof.

Guess what? Brick and concrete homes are the most vulnerable. Termites only need a 1mm hole or small crack to enter, and they are expert at finding them. They are always in the ground and always looking for wood to eat.

 What should the home owner have done to protect their home against termites?

Every home is built, with termite proofing built in. It is the builders job to stop concealed termite entry to the home. It is the home owners job to know what that is. Homes built at different times and with different construction methods have different termite management systems. You most know what system was built into your home!!!

In this case, the home was built between 1995 and 2000. The most popular system in that time was chemical barriers. The most popular chemical in that time was Chlorpyirfos, and Chlorpyirfos last for 5 to 10 years. These were commonly used to battle termites.

The owners needed to know that the chemical barrier must to be replenished after 5 years. They don’t need to know about ever system, just the system protecting their home. Just as the termites are continuously replenishing themselves and their reach.

 If you don’t know how your home is protected, find out. Get an inspection done follow the advice given a qualified termites inspector. The inspection doesn’t protect the home… The action does.

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