Koala’s home invaded by termites!

I had to go to the Redland Shire today( in case you don’t know the Redland Shire it incorporates the Cleveland, Wellington Point, Birkdale, Thorneside, Capalaba, Sheldon areas and all the way down to Redland Bay) to a property at Ormiston to check on a waterfront home that has a termite problem.  The house is in a bush land setting with large gum trees / eucalyptus all around.

The type of termites found in this house are “coptotermes acinaciformis” these termites often colonise in hollow trees or possible in the hollow in the wall of the house.

During the process of the termite inspection, a colony could not be found in the house. Termites need permanent connection to their colony, so I started to search around the gum trees/ eucalyptus. Searching for termites is really looking for small clues and as an experienced  technician  I am looking for is a small hole in the bark of the tree that connects to the colony inside.

These small holes are called “flight holes” and are used by the termites to allow the flying cast , called “aletes”, to exit the colony on warm humid nights.  The tree continues to grow around the hole and the termites continue to keep the hole open, this cause a small scare on the side of the tree.

Using a screwdriver to break the bark loose and exposed the hole, I was able to find entry to the colony.  These holes are very difficult to find and really take some experience.   Using a small quantity of “Termidor” injected into the flight hole, I am able to treat the entire termite colony without any damage to the tree.

Watching  from above is another of the trees inhabitants and being a environmentally friendly company, I was happy in the knowledge that  the product we use “Termidor” is not poisonous to our native animals including koalas, birds, lizards or your pets or children.

The experts say that 1 in 3 eucalypts trees houses a termite colony.

It not possible to treat all these trees and termites can easily travel 200m underground to search for food your home.  The moral is to make sure that your house is protected against these creepy crawlies.

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Cheers, Bill