Aug 16

Regular Termite Inspections – BSA recommends

I found this information on Termite and how they can break through existing barriers. It is from the QLD Govt BSA site – so it’s worth paying attention to…


Regardless of the system used, regular inspections
should be carried out by a BSA-licensed contractor with
the appropriate Termite Management licence to ensure
termites have not bridged the barrier. It is recommended
that inspections be at least every 12 months, or more
often in high risk areas.

Most infestations occur at the perimeter of the building
and usually result from owners being unfamiliar with
“good practice”.                        

For example, an existing termite
management system can be bridged by building
garden beds or placing wood chips up to the house,
or by attaching unprotected structures such as carports,
pergolas and fences to the house.



Method of attack

Attacks on buildings usually originate from a nest below
the ground. Termites build mud galleries when they
are at risk of being exposed to enable them to travel
over piers or walls to attack wood and wood products
in buildings.

Usually, the nest is outside the building
perimeter but occasionally a nest may be buried in
the soil beneath the building. Termites can get inside a
building via wall cavities, cracks in mortar or concrete
slabs and voids adjacent to service entry points.

Bill is a Licensed BSA Termite Inspector – give him a call if you find any areas of concern around your home…

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