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Services we offer at Nature Fresh Termite Management

We are professional pest control management service operating in Brisbane, QLD. We can get rid of Termites, Cockroaches, Rats, Mice and Ants safely and securely. Read more about our services below, and call us on 1800 075 300 for a FREE no obligation quote.

Termites White Ants

Have you found Termites? (White Ants) A lot of our clients have found termite activity themselves. Usually they find their windows or door frames are hollowed out, or their skirting board is soft, often only a layer of paint protecting the termites inside. Do Not Disturb The first thing to do is not to disturb …

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Found Cockroaches? Cockroaches in your home can cause damage to stored food and carry disease to you and your family. We can eradicate the cockroaches and give a 12mth warranty, for peace of mind. We can give you a no mess, no fuss solution to your pest problem. We use a safe & effective Synthetic …

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Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice Problem? Mice and rats can sometime come into your home. If rodents are in your house, you might hear them, see them or their droppings or the damage they cause. We can place rodent bait in a safe place in your home as needed or combined with your annual pest control as …

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Have an Ant Problem? How to get rid of ants and keep them under control!  By grabbing a can of insect spray and spraying the ants, you have only killed those that you have sprayed. What about the millions of ants still in their colony that you haven’t sprayed, you guessed it they come back …

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