Nature Fresh Termite Management and Pest Control Services
Professional Termite Inspection Brisbane.

Bill Wright, the owner of Nature Fresh Termite Management, a Brisbane based business and has been in the pest control industry since 1995. We have served thousands of satisfied customers and we can find the active termites that are present in your home, quickly and efficiently. We treat them using Termidor because of the efficient “Transfer Effect”.

We specialize in getting rid of termites, eradicating termite nests and installing termite barrier systems to give you full protection and peace of mind with your most valuable asset.

Our technicians are highly trained in using thermal imaging camera’s, moisture detection equipment and Termitrac movement sensor, these detection tools are used so we can find the termites easily if they are present in your home.

We are a small family business – 100% Australian Owned – We offer personalized services to eradicate any infestation as well as preventing preventing from returning.  We use safe professional equipment and treatments for guaranteed results.

We are Professionals in Termite Inspection and Pest Management Services in Brisbane and Surrounding Suburbs. Contact us for a FREE Quote! Phone 3822 9460 or 1 800 075 300.

If you have found termites or you think that you might have termite activity, DON’T PANIC!

Most people find termites early before too much damage is done to their property.

DON’T DISTURB the termites. Don’t break their workings open, because we need active termites to treat. Our treatment is easy for us to apply and the chemical will transfer to all the termites in your home and back to the colony. If you disturb them there might not be enough termites to treat, for a successful application.

We can help you – Phone our office on 3822 9460 or 1 800 075 300 and we will be there ASAP – treat the active termites and advise you on what else needs to be done.

Spot termits with Thermal Imaging

Spot the Termites!

A New game…  Spot the termites! I finished work a bit early today and I’m driving back to the office on this beautiful, Brisbane spring afternoon. I was over at Forest Lake and spotted a colony of termites in a tree. So I thought I might play a game as I’m driving along. “Spot The …

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Termites can be behind anything a door or a desk

Termites can be anywhere! How to Spot Termites

Termites Behind the Desk in Murarrie Was called to this clients home at Murarrie in Brisbane the other day. Not hard to see what was going on here.They had moved the desk in their office and discovered, to their horror, that termites had moved in and set up camp. This is a modern 2 story …

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