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Aug 27

Termites can be anywhere! How to Spot Termites

Termites can be behind anything a door or a desk

Termites Behind the Desk in Murarrie Was called to this clients home at Murarrie in Brisbane the other day. Not hard to see what was going on here.They had moved the desk in their office and discovered, to their horror, that termites had moved in and set up camp. This is a modern 2 story …

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Aug 06

Wet Weather and Termites

Brisbane building with Termites

All insects have a exoskeleton. They don’t have bones like we do. It’s like a hard skin. You have probably seen a cicada shell on the side of a tree. Insects shed out of their skin as they grow, and form a new hard skin or shell. Termites have a exoskeleton too, but it’s not …

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